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Have You Been Considering Cabinet Refacing in Fort Worth?

You're at the Right Place!

Have you been dreaming about having a brand-new kitchen, but just

haven’t been able to swing a costly and time-consuming remodel? For many homeowners, cabinet refacing can be a great alternative. Cabinet Refacing Fort Worth can offer you lots of excellent style and finish options that will leave your kitchen or bathroom looking radically different, and for less than half the cost of a full remodel. Read on to learn more about the exciting options we can offer you and the many benefits of cabinet refacing. Or better yet, give us a call at (817) 477-6689 for a free consultation with one of our experienced designers.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Generally, the primary goal of a kitchen or bathroom remodel is to change the look of the cabinets. So, quite often, the cabinets are torn out and completely replaced, costing the homeowner lots of money. However, if you’re not planning to change the structural shape of the cabinets, you can dramatically change how they look by simply refacing the cabinets.

To reface cabinets, you replace the doors and drawer fronts with solid wood of your choice or wood veneer, apply a new veneer to the body of the cabinets, and replace the hardware to match your new doors and drawer fronts. It’s a fairly simple process that our skilled craftsmen can have completed in a matter of days.

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How to Know If Your Cabinets Are a Good Candidate For Refacing

Not all cabinets are good candidates for the refacing method. Good candidates generally have the following characteristics:

The framing is made of sturdy plywood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) with smooth panels in good condition. It’s important to have smooth surfaces when applying veneer.

Cabinet frames made from hardwood. Hardwood frames can accept veneers and solidly hold replacement doors.

The internal hardware like drawer tracks or shelves must be in good working order. If the drawers don’t glide smoothly it might not be worth the effort to reface them.

How It's Done
  • First, we remove all cabinet doors and take out the drawers in order to remove their fronts. Usually, we try to conserve the rest of the drawers unless damaged or deemed not functional.
  • We then apply a new coat of wood veneer, or the paint color of your choice, to the front and sides of the cabinet frame.
  • Next, we install new hinges. You also have the option of using the original hinges. We can buff them up to make sure they look new.
  • Then we install the new doors and drawer fronts with the new hardware (handles, drawer pulls, knobs, etc.).
  • As a final optional step we can install any additional ornamentation you might like to add like glass panels, crown molding, cabinet lighting, or storage accessories toachieve your desired final look.
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The Pros and Cons of Cabinet Refacing

Depending on your wants and desires, cabinet refacing could be a good match for you. Find out about the pros and cons.

Many style options are available (laminates, different

veneers, paint colors, etc.)

It’s an eco-friendly option as you are only replacing

the fronts of the cabinets and not the whole unit

The process is very quick and can be completed in as

little as 2-4 days

It’s a very cost-effective option, it costs about

60-80% less than replacing the cabinets

Updating the cabinet fronts and hardware can increase the value of your home

Refacing does not change the layout or shape of your

cabinets, so if you’re unhappy with those elements, refacing will be unhelpful

The interior of your cabinets doesn’t change, so if they lack storage or the internal hardware doesn’t work well, refacing will not fix these problems.

Why Choose Fort Worth Custom Cabinets For Your Refacing Needs?

Why choose us to reface your kitchen or bathroom cabinets? We set the industry standard for affordable, high-quality work. We have years of experience refacing cabinets and use a dependable and time-tested process. Our home designers will give you excellent advice on styles and colors, our project managers will make sure all the work gets finished according to the given schedule and to your complete satisfaction, and finally our highly-trained craftsmen will make sure your cabinets come out looking as good as new.

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