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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Styles

The type of cabinetry you choose can make a big impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen. At Fort Worth Custom Cabinets, we take pride in knowing we can offer the latest, most popular styles in cabinetry. Our craftsmen can make any look a reality. Read on to learn more about the nine most popular kitchen cabinet styles to decide which style will go best with your home's look.


Shaker cabinets offer simple, clean and easy-to-use design. They generally include flat-paneled doors with wood finish, white or gray paint colors, and rail frames. They are quite popular due to their casual and informal look.


Traditional cabinets usually include detailed raised-panel doors and/or bead-board designs. They typically feature colors in white or cream, tans, wood hues, or reds. 


Rustic cabinets usually represent a more natural or country lifestyle. The cabinets are often quite large with detailed natural wood designs and warm tones. Instead of glossy stains and finishes, rustic cabinets are left matte to highlight the authentic look of the wood. This cabinet style often features rubbed-brass or wrought-iron hardware.


Contemporary cabinets are characterized by their simple hardware and minimal ornamentation. This style features flat surfaces with man-made materials like plastic, glass, metal, manufactured wood, or concrete.

Flat Front

Flat-front cabinet doors (aka slab doors) are made in one solid piece without any framing or panels. They are typically made of MDF (medium density fiberboard) or plywood and painted with wood veneer.

Open Shelving

Open shelving isn’t actually a cabinet style but it is a common style for shelving in kitchens that can be used to replace cabinets. This is a great technique for smaller kitchens with limited wall space. It can work great as a combination with cabinets to allow easy access to frequently used utensils, spices, or cooking ware.

Farmhouse Country

Similar to the rustic style, farmhouse country cabinets are generally large and feature natural materials. The doors often

have raised-panel and/or bead/board designs and decorative elements made from glass or tin. The doors are usually painted in a soft yellow, cream, minty green, or soft blue colors. The paint can additionally be distressed to enhance

the farmhouse look.

Craftsman Style

The craftsman cabinet style is defined by its minimal ornamentation, straight lines, and high-quality construction practices. They are generally made with heavy wood materials like oak, maple, cherry, or hickory, and remain unpainted.

Glass Front

Glass front cabinets are usually built as upper cabinets and serve as accent cabinets to display prized dishware, glassware, or antiques. These cabinets are generally combined with solid cabinet doors to create an effect. 

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